The Basic First Aid Kit is stocked with the necessary tools to equip you to manage a wide array of situations. With this kit, you will be able to treat deadly bleeds, burns, sprains and strains, eye emergencies, small wounds and environmental emergencies.


The CPR Mask with one-way valve is used during Respiratory and Cardiac Emergencies as a physical barrier device when administering rescue breaths to a person. The one-way valve prevents bodily fluids and airborne pathogens from reaching the rescuer. The medical-grade thermoplastic mask has a soft inflated cuff for a leakproof seal and adds to the patient’s comfort as well as an elastic head strap allowing the rescuer to secure the mask to the patient’s face. Also included, is an oxygen inlet for optional supplemental oxygen. Complete with hard shell carrying case easy to carry in its compact size.


The Disaster Preparedness Kit is designed to give the basics for your family or workplace’s personal preparedness plan.

This kit features multiple essential items such as a flashlight, a multifunction knife, waterproof matches, and an emergency blanket that will help support you during the first 72 hours of an emergency.

All items are carried in a nylon backpack that has additional room to add other essentials for your comfort and survival.

A Personal First Aid Kit equipped for small wound management and more is also included so that you and your loved ones are more prepared in case of an emergency.


This kit is named the Deluxe First Aid Kit because it has it all! It is stocked with the necessary tools to equip you to manage a wide array of situations.

There are many innovative features to this kit including the new Quick Bandage™. You simply pull the band aid from the tab and it removes the lining for quick and easy bandage placement. It also has a reflective strip on the kit itself, making it easier to locate during an emergency. You would also be prepared with a 12-hour glow stick, as over 60% of accidents occur in the dark. The most important aspects of a first aid kit are the protective barriers for CPR. With the Deluxe First Aid Kit, you are equipped with a CPR Pocket Mask with one-way valve and O2 inlet, as well as multiple pairs of gloves. Additionally, the Canadian Red Cross Pictograph Booklet is included as well. This booklet allows you to educate yourself at a glance on what to do for the major medical emergencies you might encounter. For all these reasons and more this is the most the most recommended kit we carry and when you compare the cost with its actual value there is no questions as to why it’s our Best-Seller.


Ask any first aid instructor what 2 of the most important items any first aider can have and they will tell you ” CPR mask and gloves”  Without gloves, you are you or your staff are at risk from blood-borne disease. A CPR mask can allow the first aider to give CPR while limiting exposure to life-threatening disease.

What is one thing you generally always have within your reach?  Your Keys!

This totally redesigned Key Chain pouch has been built with durability and convenience in mind.

  • Pouch measures 8.5 cm long x 6.5 cm when full.
  • It is made of 420 denier nylon with back water resistant fabric. T
  • his very durable lightweight pouch has been reinforced at the key loop to in insure durability.
  • The Red Cross CPR mask has a one-way valve the prevents backflow of contaminants and air from the injured person. 
  • CPR mask has easy to use pictogram instructions on the mask. 
  • Mask and Gloves are Health Canada Approved. 


This wallet sized first aid kit contains first aid essentials for small wounds. Its small size and lightweight design make it ideal for handbags, backpacks or in the glove box of your car. This first aid kit makes an ideal promotional item. It’s price makes it the perfect give away gift and it’s quality and content make it desirable for all. Ideal for anyone in a childcare setting, parents and guardians, or simply the prepared individual on the go.