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CPR faceshield and gloves



Ask any first aid instructor what 2 of the most important items any first aider can have and they will tell you ” CPR mask and gloves” Without gloves, you are you or your staff are at risk from blood-borne disease. A CPR mask can allow the first aider to give CPR while limiting exposure to life-threatening disease.

What is one thing you generally always have within your reach? Your Keys!

This totally redesigned Key Chain pouch has been built with durability and convenience in mind.

- Pouch measures 8.5 cm long x 6.5 cm when full.
- It is made of 420 denier nylon with back water resistant fabric. T
- This very durable lightweight pouch has been reinforced at the key loop to in insure durability.
- The Red Cross CPR mask has a one-way valve the prevents backflow of contaminants and air from the injured person.
- CPR mask has easy to use pictogram instructions on the mask.
- Mask and Gloves are Health Canada Approved.

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