CPR Basic Life Support (BLS)




This CPR level is for people who are likely to perform CPR on a regular basis. Includes advanced skills such as BVM (bag valve mask). 6 hours classroom time or blended learning available.

Formerly known as CPR HCP, this course is for Professional Responders including Paramedics, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Dental Professionals and anyone who is likely to perform CPR on a regular basis. Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy can be added to this course. Certification is valid for 1 year.

Stand Alone course 4 hours
with Oxygen Therapy 5 hours
with Airway Management 5 hours
with Oxygen Therapy AND Airway Management 6 hours
Full course:
4-5 people $105/person
6+ people $85/person
(valid certificate required) 2 hours
4-5 people $70/person
6+ people $50/person


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