The BLS course covers advanced CPR Skills, including pulse check and BVM (bag valve mask)

We offer the Red Cross and Heart & Stroke version of this course. Please select which one you need when you register below. If you do not know which one you need, please select 'either course' - please contact us with any questions.

If you plan on doing your ACLS (advanced cardiac life support), you must complete the Heart & Stroke course. If you're not doing your ACLS, it doesn't matter which course you do - both are equally recognized

$80/person, plus GST


COVID-19 - due to the ongoing Pandemic, students will be seated away from other participants. Group work will still be required, and students will be required to wear a non-medical mask and gloves whenever they are working with another student or the instructor. If you would like to review our COVID policy prior to the course please email info@onthegofirstaid.com


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