Date(s) - 23/10/2020
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

On the Go First Aid Training


Do you have a teen between the ages of 13-16 that is interested in learning more first aid or would like to add the skills to their resume? We've taken the Red Cross Emergency First Aid and geared it towards youth! This course will be hands on and fun!

Skills covered include adult, child & infant choking and CPR, minor wounds, major bleeds and more!

Certificate that can be earned - Red Cross Emergency First Aid with CPR C and AED.

Rules for the day!

  • It is almost impossible to social distance in first aid training - so when we can't social distance students will be required to wear masks and use hand sanitizer/wash their hands. Yes... we'll remind them!
  • Students will be allowed to walk to the nearby Tim Hortons/McDonald's/Save On Foods Complex during lunch unless you specifically tell us they are not allowed to.
  • Students are expected to act in mature and professional manner. If they do not they will not receive their certification.
  • Certification comes directly from the Canadian Red Cross - students must be able to demonstrate all the required skills in order to receive certification.



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